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Car Maintenance

Why You Need To Change The Oil In Your Car

Changing the oil is a regular part of car maintenance, doing so keeps the many components of the engine working efficiently. This alone is why the oil should be topped up, but there are other important reasons as well. The oil is part of the car engine, it keeps it running smoothly and also helps to reduce the accumulation of varnish and carbon from collecting inside. A car engine can get very hot from the thousands of small explosions taking place every minute; oil helps pull the heat away from... Read More »
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How To Save On Fuel Consumption

Running a vehicle can be expensive even at the best of times. There are some ways you can cut down on expenses, however, one way to do this is to be efficient on fuel consumption. Here are a few techniques you can use to use less fuel. A set of new tyres can make a big difference to fuel consumption, especially if you purchase a high-quality brand. Good tyres can help your vehicle move across the roads more efficiently, putting less strain on the engine and using less... Read More »
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Getting a Vehicle on the Road

Getting a vehicle on the road can be a little confusing, especially if it has none of the legal requirements already. These requirements are insurance tax and MOT, all of which are necessary for a vehicle to be used on public highways. Getting these requirements are usually only an issue with second-hand vehicles. Brand new vehicles often do not require a MOT for a number of years, and insurance and road tax are much easier to acquire, and sometimes even included. In order to get road tax, a vehicle must... Read More »
New Car Dealers

Boat Colour Schemes

When buying or customising a boat, one of the main things that every owner wants to get right is the colour scheme. An awkward colour scheme will have to be endured for as long as you own the boat, so making sure you like it first is paramount. One thing that many prospective painters don’t realise beforehand is how heat effects the paint on a boat. The heat factor of a darker hull, for example, is a consideration, however, if a boat is well insulated this is less of a concern. Be... Read More »
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The Role of a Car Designer

Many a teenagers fantasy, a car designer is a job of innovation, creativity and functional awareness. A love of all things automotive is a must and a desire to work for some of the most influential companies on the planet is a necessity. A car designer, or automobile designer, is responsible for creating innovative designs that improve the functionality and appearance of automobiles. During the role, most automobile designers work in teams with other designers or engineers. The designer will make basic sketches of the automobile... Read More »
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Shopping For Cars

Shopping for a car can be a straight forward process, providing your processes are straight forward. Sounds confusing? Well below is a step by step guide that can be used to acquire a car. The steps can be used when shopping online or at dealerships. 1 – Determine what you can afford Before doing anything its important to take time to consider what you can afford. 2 – Decide what vehicles to consider When you have an idea of what you can afford, taking the time to... Read More »
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Car Battery Basic Facts

A car battery is an important part of a car. Without it cant function, so understanding how it works and keeping it maintained can be valuable. This post outlines some basic, informative notes about a lead acid car battery. The Basics A lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead and lead oxide (various other elements are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc.) with a 35% sulphuric acid and 65% water solution. This solution is called electrolyte which causes a chemical reaction that produce electrons. If a battery needs to be... Read More »