Preparing a Car For Spray Paint

Spray painting a car is relatively straightforward if the correct steps are carried out. Here is a quick guide on how to prepare a car so that it is ready to be sprayed.

It’s recommended to spray paint a car in the summer.¬†Aerosols tend to work more effectively in warmer climates, and the heat helps to speed up the paint¬†drying process. If it’s not warm and dry, a well-ventilated garage is the next best option. Overalls and old clothes, as well as disposable gloves, are also recommended as spray paint tends to splash when airborne.

Preparing The Car

When preparing the vehicle for spraying the first step is to rub down all surfaces with abrasive paper. It’s important to strip the paint on the car down to the bare metal so that a completely new coat of paint can be applied. Rust treatment products may also be required if there is any surface rust that needs to be removed.