New Car Dealers

New Car Dealers

Ten Mileage Saving Tips

Finding small ways to save money can make a big difference. Making a few small changes could help you save money on fuel.Fuel Saving Tips1. The most obvious one but, limit your driving. If you can walk or ride a bike somewhere, do it.2. Ensure you keep your petrol tank above one quarter full. Tanks are fuel injected, letting petrol run low puts added pressure on fuel pump.3. Lighten the load. Weight is one of the biggest causes for kinetic energy loss, so the more... Read More »
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New Era of Speedy Mini Coopers

The most unique Mini on the market is the new 2020 Mini JCW GP Model with little resemblance to its predecessors. This Mini is all about speed and stability with all performance reducing aspects from previous models stripped away. Gone are the boxy wheel arches and the rear seats have been replaced with a strengthening bar to increase the rigidity of the frame. The suspension has undergone a complete overhaul for enhanced stability and in the quest for lightness, carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic is incorporated into many... Read More »

Why car finance can make perfect sense

Car finance is talked about a lot online and in dealerships, but why is it now so common and how easy is it to pass a credit check? This, of course, depends on your history, however, what we can say is that you never win with finance. Someone will always be taking some money from you, whether that be you paying an inflated fee for the car, added interest or so forth. Finance is still a great option though if you don’t have one big... Read More »
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Best way to finance a car

When it comes to buying a new or used car, the biggest factor that can affect your purchase is cost. It is not uncommon for people to opt for a financing option when it comes to buying a new car, be that through the car dealers themselves or with their bank, but which way is best? The two main ways to spread the cost of a car is to either take out a loan from the bank, pay for the car in full, then pay... Read More »
New Car Dealers

Boat Colour Schemes

When buying or customising a boat, one of the main things that every owner wants to get right is the colour scheme. An awkward colour scheme will have to be endured for as long as you own the boat, so making sure you like it first is paramount. One thing that many prospective painters don’t realise beforehand is how heat effects the paint on a boat. The heat factor of a darker hull, for example, is a consideration, however, if a boat is well insulated this is less of a concern. Be... Read More »
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Shopping For Cars

Shopping for a car can be a straight forward process, providing your processes are straight forward. Sounds confusing? Well below is a step by step guide that can be used to acquire a car. The steps can be used when shopping online or at dealerships. 1 – Determine what you can afford Before doing anything its important to take time to consider what you can afford. 2 – Decide what vehicles to consider When you have an idea of what you can afford, taking the time to... Read More »
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Buying a Car With Cash

Buying a car on finance has become the option of choice for many car owners, but while there are some clear advantages to this, it is mostly a smokescreen. This is because, no matter how good your credit deal is, buying a car on finance will and is always more expensive than buying your car outright with cash, as you’ll need to spend a fairly large amount on the interest. Throughout the UK, buying a car has become more popular, even just over the last... Read More »