Car Maintenance

Avoiding the heat – Car maintenance for the summer

With the UK currently in the middle of a heatwave, what better time than to share some tips on keeping your car (and you) from overheating. Ensure that the car battery (usually located under the bonnet) is securely attached to avoid the heat and vibrations from damaging it.  Make sure that you check your car fluid levels regularly.  A car uses several different fluids to ensure the car works correctly, including transmission, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Car tyre pressures are very sensitive to... Read More »

What is the difference between PCP finance and HP finance?

Car financing is a great way to buy a car if you do not have the whole amount needed to purchase upfront. In recent years car financing has become increasingly popular as it allows more flexibility. You pay a monthly instalment and get the option to upgrade or change your car every few years. There are several pros to financing a vehicle rather than purchasing outright. Still, many people get slightly confused by the financing options available. The main two financing options are PCP or... Read More »
New Car Dealers

Can You Test Drive Cars in Lockdown?

For those that are needing to buy a new or used vehicle in the near future, concerns around whether or not they will be able to test drive the vehicle are sure to be running through their head. You want to be able to test the vehicle, that you could potentially buy, out so as to ensure you are comfortable and that it seemingly is in the condition promised. The answer to this question is not a straight forward one as there are several different... Read More »

The UK’s Best Hybrid SUV

SUV’s continue to grow in popularity in the UK and it is easy to see why. There are many SUV options that seem magical in how slim and trim they look on the outside, but inside feel incredibly large and roomy. One thing that makes SUV’s even better is the ever-increasing option of hybrid versions which offer the benefit of saving money on fuel, congestion charges and the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).The most popular plug-in hybrid, in the UK, is the new BMW... Read More »
Car Information

How to Achieve a Professional Clean at Home

Do you want your vehicle to have that professional gleam but don’t feel like paying a fortune for someone else to do it? With a bit of elbow grease and some handy tips, you can achieve that sparkle and shine all on your own.1. You should never clean a vehicle in extreme heat or direct sunlight, it not only means you have to work faster as some parts of the car dry faster than normal but it also affects the strength of the chemicals within... Read More »

Why car finance can make perfect sense

Car finance is talked about a lot online and in dealerships, but why is it now so common and how easy is it to pass a credit check? This, of course, depends on your history, however, what we can say is that you never win with finance. Someone will always be taking some money from you, whether that be you paying an inflated fee for the car, added interest or so forth. Finance is still a great option though if you don’t have one big... Read More »

Are you a Jag lover?

If you’ve always been fascinated by Jaguars – and we obviously mean the car and not the cats, then you’ve probably come to love the extra attention to detail that goes into Jaguar motors. Even an old X-Type from say 1999 will look very swanky inside with wood panelling to the doors and the dashboard, whilst there are also steering controls, cruise control and a CD player with a 6 disk changer. Now as we look ahead at the newer lines,  Jaguar seems to be... Read More »