Petrol Cars vs Diesel

  • If you don’t often travel on motorways a diesel car may not be the best choice. Many modern diesel cars are fitted with a diesel particulate filter, which can clog if the car isn’t consistently driven at motorway speeds.
  • Diesel cars, in general, have lower running costs compared to petrol. This is thanks to the cheaper price of diesel as well as the better fuel economy of diesel engines. This allows diesel owners to recoup the generally higher on-the-road price you pay for a diesel car.
  • Diesel cars are the tow vehicle of choice as diesel engines produce huge amounts of torque (pulling power), however, there are petrol-hybrid alternatives available.
  • From¬† 1 April 2017 onwards only the first year’s payment is based on CO2 emissions (diesel cars have lower levels of CO2 to comparable petrol cars). From the second year of ownership onwards, owners pay a standard rate of ¬£140 per year.