Tips For Driving On Icy And Snowy Roads

It can be difficult to drive on roads that are hit by unfavourable weather conditions, arguably the worst of which are icy and snowy roads. Luckily with the right knowledge before hand it can be much easier to tackle these tricky roads.

One of the most important things to remember is to drive at the right speed. Maintain safe stopping distances between the car in front at all times. In wet weather, you should leave double the distance you normally would, and in snow and ice this can be up to 10 times the distance.

When approaching a bend, it helps to reduce the speed of the car before turning the steering wheel. If however the car does lose grip, stop using the accelerator and make sure that the wheels are pointing in the intended direction.

When driving in dull, gloomy, wintery conditions, especially in heavy rain and snow, use dipped headlights. Relying on daytime running lights is not always enough as they often don’t put lights on the back of the car.