Top Quick Car Maintenance Tips

An important part of owning a car is making sure it works properly. Nobody wants to be left stranded by the side of the road waiting for a repair if something breaks. Fortunately this can be avoided, in large part by checking a few things on your vehicle every once in a while.

Manufacturer’s Advice

All cars come with a handbook which describes how different parts of the car work, as well as what needs to be checked and maintained. This should be the first thing to check if you are unsure of what needs to be maintained on your vehicle.


It’s recommended that the tyre pressures and the condition of your cars tyres (including the spare) are checked every two weeks. Look out for excessive wear or any cuts in the tyre, also make sure the tread is within legal limits.


If your car has a spare wheel then it will also need a jack and wheel removing tools for it to be useful. Some types of wheels also need a wheel nut key.

Engine Oil

The oil of your cars engine should be checked every couple of weeks. Use the dipstick to check that the oil levels are adequate.