Automatic Garage Door Switches

An important part of a garage is the automatic door, and an important part of the automatic door is how it works.

Whether it be from a radio remote control. Or a wall mounted automatic switch. Each switch functions differently and each one is suited for a different job.

Wall Mounted Switches, Non-Metallic and Metallic

Wall mounted switches are available in many variations. With non-metallic and metallic enclosures available for most models. Non-metallic enclosures are made of corrosion resistant material suitable for many environments. Where as metallic versions are designed for indoor use only as adverse weather can effect the mechanisms inside.

Wall mounted switches are compact, easy to wire and connect, and come undrilled to allow variable cable entry positions.

Wall mounted switches often feature dead-front constructions. This means that when the switch is in the off position, all visible current carrying parts are de-energised. This provides additional safety for maintenance and general use.