Using Air Tools in the Garage

Air tools are a fantastic addition to any garage. The ability to utilise many power tool combinations, with the safe and direct power of compressed air makes them valuable assets.

Their speed and power make car work dramatically easier, allowing for more projects to be completed in less time. Along with a properly sized shop air system, cutting, grinding, polishing, painting, sanding, inflating, and even cleaning up take less time and sweat.

Air Compressor

Integral to using air tools is the air compressor. There are two main types of compressor. Single stage and two stage. Single stage units are smaller and louder, cycle more often and are less expensive. Two stage compressors are quieter, cycle less frequently and deliver lots of continuous pressure.

Another defining feature of the air compressor is the size of the pressure tank. Larger tanks hold more air, so the compressor wont kick on as often, but smaller tanks are more portable.