Maintaining a Car Windscreen

The windscreen of the car is one of the most important parts to keep maintained. Damage to a car windscreen can be potentially very dangerous to anyone inside. Cracks can form, expand and eventually form a break, which should be avoided at all costs.

Major scratches will not come out of a car’s windshield, but minor scratches can be fixed with a rubbing compound and an abrasive window cleaner. Use a polishing compound to remove scratches from a car windshield with help from an ASE-certified mechanic.

Many windscreens also have an aluminium frame which should be polished to avoid rusting. Polishing involves the use of normal wax, which should be dabbed with an applicator and run along the top of the aluminum trim. Use a dry rug to buff aluminum to a high shine with help from the manager of an auto service shop in this free video on car maintenance.