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Car Maintenance

Why It’s Important To Change Your Car’s Oil

Engine oil is a crucial part of a car engine. All cars that have an internal combustion engine make use of it and no matter how good the engine is, or how high quality the oil, eventually the oil is used up and it begins to degrade. It’s when this happens that the oil in the car needs to be changed. When the oil needs to be changed can depend on the type of car, what oil is used, and how often it is driven.... Read More »
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A true company car leasing partnership

In today’s global economy, businesses are examining every expense to determine the most efficient ways to allocate capital. Competitive entrepreneurs benefit from fiscal restraint. Each expenditure should be scrutinized to ensure that it yields satisfactory performance. Company Lease Cars UK is usually the best option for any organisation that needs to have representatives out on the road. There’s the option to include servicing as part of the monthly premium for starters, and then each car can be handed back at the of the agreement and... Read More »
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Buying a Car With Cash

Buying a car on finance has become the option of choice for many car owners, but while there are some clear advantages to this, it is mostly a smokescreen. This is because, no matter how good your credit deal is, buying a car on finance will and is always more expensive than buying your car outright with cash, as you’ll need to spend a fairly large amount on the interest. Throughout the UK, buying a car has become more popular, even just over the last... Read More »
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The Problem with Finance on a Brand New Car

It can be a big relief to be able to pay for a car over a long period of time. It can take a lot of time saving money before you’re able to purchase a brand new model, and finance can seem like a bit of a lifesaver. The only problem is the amount of interest that you have to pay back, which is often a substantial amount. You’re also committed dot paying a certain amount every month and if there are any financial changes... Read More »
Car Maintenance

Choosing the Right Tyre for your Car

Tyres play a major part in your vehicle, not only in the performance of your car, but more importantly in your safety. A car fitted with the wrong or worn out tyres is quite likely to reduce your control and handling over the car, and might lead to seriously hazardous consequences. A little know-how of the basics can help you feel confident when picking tyres for your car. Important tyre requirements Here are a few quick and easy pointers to guide you in the right... Read More »
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Nissan Announce 370Z Nismo For Europe

Originally intending the model to be a US release only, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has revised their plans and added Europe to the list also. The car comes with a redesigned front bumper and a smaller rear spoiler. The new bumper and spoiler work hand-in-hand to improve the aerodynamics of the car. Nissan claim downforce is spread evenly between each axle, improving the handling balance. In terms of specification, the car is 340bhp with a 3.7 litre V6 engine. It does 0-62mph within 5.2 seconds... Read More »
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Suzuki Swift – Stylish and Sporty

The Suzuki Swift is always listed among the main competitors for the hottest hatchback of the year, and that’s always going to be the case if Suzuki continues releasing sporty, stylish Swifts. These cars are reliable and you can now find them in virtually any country. There are now new L-shaped LEDs in the front, while the whole body just has more lines and detailing than before. Some would say that this Suzuki has always been a bit of a ‘lads’ car, but it’s suitable... Read More »