Boat Colour Schemes

When buying or customising a boat, one of the main things that every owner wants to get right is the colour scheme. An awkward colour scheme will have to be endured for as long as you own the boat, so making sure you like it first is paramount.

One thing that many prospective painters don’t realise beforehand is how heat effects the paint on a boat. The heat factor of a darker hull, for example, is a consideration, however, if a boat is well insulated this is less of a concern. Be sure to remember that the hull is mostly vertical plate with overhangs from the rub rail, so this will get less of the sun’s rays than either the deck or superstructure.

Other considerations:

  • A dark gloss finish will show more imperfections than white gloss finish.
  • From a distance, white will appear larger than, for example, dark blue , so colour choice can either enhance a section or minimise its effect.
  • Tinted Portholes in the hull will blend in better with a darker hull colour.