The Role of a Car Designer

Many a teenagers fantasy, a car designer is a job of innovation, creativity and functional awareness. A love of all things automotive is a must and a desire to work for some of the most influential companies on the planet is a necessity.

A car designer, or automobile designer, is responsible for creating innovative designs that improve the functionality and appearance of automobiles.

During the role, most automobile designers work in teams with other designers or engineers. The designer will make basic sketches of the automobile using computer-aided drafting (CAD).

When it comes to education, a bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum educational requirements for applying for car designer positions. Technical schools that have close relationships to automobile companies and traditional universities with automotive design programs that are well respected in the industry are both good options.

The job itself is challenging and intense, with a high degree of competition to contend with coming from rival companies. But the work can be life fulfilling if it is truly what you seek.