Are you a Jag lover?

If you’ve always been fascinated by Jaguars – and we obviously mean the car and not the cats, then you’ve probably come to love the extra attention to detail that goes into Jaguar motors. Even an old X-Type from say 1999 will look very swanky inside with wood panelling to the doors and the dashboard, whilst there are also steering controls, cruise control and a CD player with a 6 disk changer. Now as we look ahead at the newer lines,  Jaguar seems to be losing their personality a little. They seem sportier, and while the interior is always nice in a Jag, they tend to look a little bit similar to Audis and BMWs and that’s certainly not something for Jaguar to be proud of, they should be leading the way right now. They say, once you’re a Jag man (or lady) you’ll always be one, and you’ll stay true to the brand, but Jaguar needs to maintain their heritage that people have come to know and love.