Why car finance can make perfect sense

Car finance is talked about a lot online and in dealerships, but why is it now so common and how easy is it to pass a credit check?

This, of course, depends on your history, however, what we can say is that you never win with finance. Someone will always be taking some money from you, whether that be you paying an inflated fee for the car, added interest or so forth. Finance is still a great option though if you don’t have one big lump of cash available, or sitting in your bank ready to spend. You can pay back small monthly instalments over 24 months, or larger instalments over a year or even 6 months, but there will often be interest added as well as fees for paying early. Car finance can work out well but if it can be avoided it should. Why not ask to borrow some money from family members and give them back a little bit of interest? The final price will still likely be a whole lot better, whilst you can get a better deal from a dealership if you pay it in one go.