Can You Test Drive Cars in Lockdown?

For those that are needing to buy a new or used vehicle in the near future, concerns around whether or not they will be able to test drive the vehicle are sure to be running through their head. You want to be able to test the vehicle, that you could potentially buy, out so as to ensure you are comfortable and that it seemingly is in the condition promised.

The answer to this question is not a straight forward one as there are several different regional restrictions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so it is always best to seek guidelines specific to the area you wish to test drive in.

Additionally, each dealer may also have their own set of guidelines on conducting test drives. Some dealerships are allowing the individual to do test drives on their own, so as not to go against social-distancing. Any appointment for a solo test drive would likely need to be made in advance as dealership operations are still not back to where they were before restrictions.

It is best to seek guidance from the particular dealership you wish to buy from, to find out how they are doing test drives, if at all.