How to Achieve a Professional Clean at Home

Do you want your vehicle to have that professional gleam but don’t feel like paying a fortune for someone else to do it? With a bit of elbow grease and some handy tips, you can achieve that sparkle and shine all on your own.

1. You should never clean a vehicle in extreme heat or direct sunlight, it not only means you have to work faster as some parts of the car dry faster than normal but it also affects the strength of the chemicals within the products you are using.

2. Always do a ‘pre-wash’ by getting as much dirt and grime off of the car before the actual clean.

3. Use multiple buckets, a wash mitt and a grit guard in the bottom of the buckets. One bucket should have water and washing solution and the other should only have water for rinsing.

4. Silicone-based sprays are not ideal for the interior of your car as it can make surfaces too slippery or so shiny as to cause a glare.

5. For drying use a blow dryer or a specialist triple-layered microfiber cloth. Driving the car to dry it, can cause streaking and water to pool in seals and gaps.

6. Cleaning products should be chosen based on a car’s use. Before detailing, consider if the car will be out in the elements every day, hidden in the garage for a while or paraded at a show the next day and cater your cleaning purchases based on that.

7. Wheels and wheel arches require a good amount of attention. After the prewash and hands-on wash, you can spray on an alloy cleaner and let it work for 3 min whilst spraying on an all-purpose cleaner and washing it again to really get all the brake dust and tough grime.

8. Clean glass inside and out with a glass cleaner and two microfiber cloths, one for cleaning and one for buffing. (Last step in cleaning to avoid any other spraying)

9. To touch up any other imperfections consider getting a depth gauge and a clay bar for the finishing touches.