October 2020

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How to Achieve a Professional Clean at Home

Do you want your vehicle to have that professional gleam but don’t feel like paying a fortune for someone else to do it? With a bit of elbow grease and some handy tips, you can achieve that sparkle and shine all on your own.1. You should never clean a vehicle in extreme heat or direct sunlight, it not only means you have to work faster as some parts of the car dry faster than normal but it also affects the strength of the chemicals within... Read More »
Car Information

Best 10 Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrids have come quite a long way in the last 20 years and basically have every type and body style now. As emission-reducing legislation starts becoming stricter, the benefits of having a hybrid will continue to increase. As opposed to fully electric cars, hybrids offer more flexibility and increased range.Currently, there are two options for the electric engine in a hybrid, plug-in and range-extender (PHEV). The difference being, plug-ins need to be connected to a charging station to charge the electric engine and during travel,... Read More »