Developing The Electric Car

There has been a huge shift in the perception of the electric automobile. What was once seen as something not worth the effort of developing, has transformed into one of the most important technological leaps in automotive history.

The electric car has always been looked at in direct comparison with the traditional gasoline-powered car. Since it’s early conception in the 1890s, it has had to go up against the easily mass-produced combustion engine cars that we see in vast numbers on the roads today.

However, in recent years the development of the electric car has seen a massive rise in interest and research, due to environmental issues and diminishing natural resources.

One of the unique things about the modern electric cars is that they are designed with the latest advances in battery technology. The batteries store the ‘fuel’ of the car and have been developed to the point in which they are now more energy efficient than gasoline engines. This has been a primary factor in the shift from gasoline to electric.