Car Paint Protection, Is It Worth It?

A new car can be a worthy investment. Hopefully you want to look after your vehicle and keep it maintained so it holds its value as much as possible.

One of the ways you can insure a decent return on the price you paid is to use car paint protection. Car paint protection is advertised as one of the best ways to defend your car against the long-term weathering your car will inevitably receive as it is used. It will even help your car keep that new car sheen that it has in the dealer showroom.

What is Car Paint Protection? 

Sometimes called paint sealant for the simple reason that it ‘seals’ the paint. It effectively coats the paint with a plastic shell which prevents light scratches or harmful chemicals from adversely affecting the paintwork.

Its also important to note that even if you bought your car from a dealer, sometimes this added protection is not applied.