January 2016

Vehicle Advice

Car Battery Basic Facts

A car battery is an important part of a car. Without it cant function, so understanding how it works and keeping it maintained can be valuable. This post outlines some basic, informative notes about a lead acid car battery. The Basics A lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead and lead oxide (various other elements are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc.) with a 35% sulphuric acid and 65% water solution. This solution is called electrolyte which causes a chemical reaction that produce electrons. If a battery needs to be... Read More »
Vehicle Advice

Using Air Tools in the Garage

Air tools are a fantastic addition to any garage. The ability to utilise many power tool combinations, with the safe and direct power of compressed air makes them valuable assets. Their speed and power make car work dramatically easier, allowing for more projects to be completed in less time. Along with a properly sized shop air system, cutting, grinding, polishing, painting, sanding, inflating, and even cleaning up take less time and sweat. Air Compressor Integral to using air tools is the air compressor. There are two... Read More »