March 2015

Car Maintenance

Impact Resistant Glass-Polymer

Keeping a vehicle secure is never a bad idea. To do this there are a myriad of different security options, among them is the use of impact resistant glass-polymer. Known as ‘SecureGlass’, this glass is able to resist high levels of physical attack. Much stronger than the standard glass installed in cars, this glass will keep the passengers safe from almost any kind of criminal vandalism. SeccureGlass can also be used for windows in buildings. If you are a shop owner and would like an extra level... Read More »
Car Maintenance

Securing Your Car With A Wireless Camera

A car is an expensive asset. For many people it is the expensive asset. For this reason it’s worth having a good level of security over your vehicle. A great way to give you this peace of mind is by using a wireless internet camera. Using an internet camera is a straight forward and effective way of giving you a 24/7 live visual feed of your parked vehicle. To do this simply place the camera in a location overlooking the car. Keep the camera powered and connected to the internet, and you have... Read More »